PCBX: Revolutionizing PCB Design to Production


PCBX is a cutting-edge platform that is transforming the journey from PCB design to the production of final PCB products. This article explores the features and benefits of PCBX and its impact on the electronics manufacturing industry.

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Streamlined Design Process:

PCBX simplifies PCB design with its user-friendly interface, drag-and-drop functionality, and real-time collaboration. Designers can create complex layouts quickly, aided by extensive component libraries and advanced design rule checking and simulation tools.

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Seamless Integration with Manufacturing:

PCBX bridges the gap between design and manufacturing, automating the transfer of design data, generating manufacturing files, and providing real-time feedback on manufacturability. This integration reduces errors, delays, and costs, resulting in faster time-to-market.

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PCBA with pcbx

PCBX not only revolutionizes the PCB design process but also offers a seamless solution for PCB assembly. PCB assembly is a critical step in the manufacturing process, where electronic components are soldered onto the PCB to create a functional circuit. PCBX simplifies and streamlines this process, ensuring efficient and reliable assembly for a wide range of applications.Just upload your gerber+BOM+PNP File

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Quality Control and Testing:

PCBX ensures the quality and reliability of final PCB products through comprehensive quality control and testing features. Designers and manufacturers can define constraints, perform design rule checks, simulate electrical performance, and automate testing and inspection processes, improving overall product quality.


PCBX is revolutionizing the PCB design-to-production journey by providing a platform that streamlines processes, integrates design and manufacturing, enables collaborative supply chain management, and ensures quality control. As the electronics industry advances, PCBX plays a pivotal role in accelerating innovation and transforming ideas into reality.

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