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Public transport refers to shared passenger transportation services like bus , trains , metro, trolleybus etc. There are many challenges that are faced by passengers while using public transportation . The main problem while using public transportation is the fare rate .

So ,In this project we have designed such a system where passenger themselves can monitor the fair based upon the distance traveled by them. If this system is installed in any public transportation then passenger should enroll their finger in the fingerprint sensor while entering the vehicle and should enroll it back while leaving the vehicle . When we enroll the finger while leaving the vehicle the display unit in the system shows the total distance traveled and the total fair to be charged based upon that distance traveled. Passenger should not negotiate with bus unit for the fair . We can also further improvement in this project by integrating online payment system in this project .

Bill Of Materials

1SIM7600 BoardMaduino Zero 4G LTE(SIM7600X)1Makerfabs Link
1)Arduino Nano1NORMAL
2)TFT Display11.8 SPI TFT ( ST7735B)
3)Finger Print Sensor1R305
4)Buck Converter1LM2596
5)SD card module1MICRO
6)RTC module1TINY RTC
7)Push Button1NORMAL
9)At mega 3281CHIP
10)Hall Effect Sensor149E HALL


The main objectives of this project are :

  1. To facilitate passenger know their exact fare according to the distance traveled by them.
  2. To facilitate the owner of the bus to know the exact data about the number of passenger traveled and total collected amount.

Block Diagram


The Block Diagram of the project is explained in following blocks

Working Principle

It has very simple working principle . When the new passenger enters the public vehicle , He/she should place their thumb finger in the fingerprint sensor. After they place the finger , the device make new registration and provide unique id to that person . At the time of the registration the device also record the pulse generated from hall effect sensor as a initial value. Now when the same person reaches the destination , He/she must place the same finger in the device . when the fingerprint sensor finds the registered finger it understands that person has reached the destination . At this time the device set the final pulse and calculate the distance traveled by passenger by generating the difference between the final pulse and the initial pulse . We can easily multiply the distance with any constant value to generate the fair as rules and regulation . If you have any discount card like(student card , old aged card ) , you can press the discount button available in the device to achieve the available discount .

The owner of the bus can also calculate the total passenger and total amount of money collected at the end of the day or at the end of each tip by pressing the reset button . After pressing the reset button all the data will be erased from the device and will be saved in sd card for further data analysis .

This device helps the owner of the bus to know the exact idea about the total money collected from the bus.



The flowchart of the project flows in following sequence

Circuit Diagram

The Circuit diagram of the project is as shown in the figure below :

There are two arduino’s used in our project due to lack of user defined pins. The first arduino communicates with RTC, fingerprint sensor , Buzzer ,Leds , push button and TFT display and the second Arduino communicates with SD card module and hall effect sensor .

There is I2C communication between two arduino’s.



Red LED – D5

Green LED – D7

Buzzer – A3

Finger print sensor – (UART) – ( A1, A2 )

TFT Display – ( D10 , D11 , D9 , D12 , D13 )

Button – (D4 , D2)

RTC module – I2C- ( A4, A5 )


Hall Effect Sensor – A0

sd card module – SPI – (D10, D11, D12 ,D13)


circuit diagram arduino fingerprint sensor rtc sdcard tft

Youtube Link

Fare monitoring system


This project can play very important role to improve the transportation system . The system can be further improved by adding the payment gateway in the same system


For more detail about the project :


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