1. HIGH FANOUT : The concept of FANOUT is larger number of gate can be driven out from the output of single gate. The fanout of CMOS family exceed 50 where as it is only 10 in TTL family. so in CMOS we can control many gate from a single gate output with out changing in voltage level.
  2. It is suitable for LSI(large scale integration) and MSI(medium scale integration).
  3. HIGH NOISE MARGIN: The noise margin of CMOS is nearly about 5v where as 0.4v in TTL. Higher the noise margin higher will be the accuracy of the output.
  4. It has very simple internal circuit.
  5. HIGH PACKING DENSITY: Due to simple internal circuits many components can be fabricated in small area.
  6. It has less power consumption and less power dissipation.
  7. COMPATIBLE WITH TTL CIRCUIT: It is compatible with 5V supply used in TTL circuits. Nominal supply voltage range of CMOS ranges from 3V to 15V while TTL supports 5V.

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