Pandemic are large scale outbreak of infectious diseases that increase the mortality rate over a wide geographical region and cause significant effect in the field of social, political and economy. We have encountered with different pandemic situation time and again. In each outbreak, we have learned to how to tackle with this situation. The technology cannot prevent the onset of this pandemic but help to monitor, educate, warn and prevent the spread of such diseases.

The different problem faced during COVID-19 pandemic are:

  1. Maintaining social distance

we being the social creature to maintain the social distancing it is very challenging for us. We are always taught that “UNITY WE STAND AND DIVIDED WE FALL” but immediately when to have to perform the reverse activity we may have to face problem. We may have to interact with different personnel in our day to day life but in this situation it may be irregular practise so technology helps to bridge up the these gaps.

Remote work

Many companies and organization have offered the WORK FROM HOME facility to their employee. This will definitely help to stop the spread of diseases although the remote work goes through the different problem like data security and privacy it can be used as one option during the pandemic.

Distance learning

This pandemic situation have affected the educational institutions all over the world. Many institutions have develop themselves to provide online classes but it may not be such effective in the developing country like Nepal.

    2)Patient monitoring

The COVID-19 virus is highly communicable from one person to another so to ensure the life of the health worker and to prevent the human contact we can deploy autonomous vehicle and drones for to remotely disinfect and deliver food.

Many start up companies have contributed for making food delivering and patient monitoring robot in Nepal also.

Fig-Food delivering and monitoring robot by pailla technology

Fig-Sister robot by RAN

Fig-Food delivering robot by Nepal innovation Center

3)Sample collection and delivery

The sample collection process for COVID-19 is very tough. If there is any careless performed during this process the medical person involved in it may be infected so to avoid such situation the sample collection booth were made which looks as

Due to lack of PCR testing kit all over the country, once the sample is collected from the various place it must be delivered to the specified place in order to perform testing. At this time whole the country will be going through the situation of lockdown so there might be problem in delivery of the sample .In such case we can deploy drones to deliver the sample.

Fig-drone for delivering the sample

4)Entry monitoring

During this pandemic although all the border are sealed and all the air routes are banded. Government has to decided to provide entry to all those Nepali citizen who are willing to return the country after a specific inspection in the entry. During the inspection there is high risk of virus transformation so to avoid this thermal gun and other infrared devices can be used which are able to measure the temperature from distance.

             Fig-measuring temperature with thermal gun

Automated thermal monitoring along with facial recognition is making the process faster and more effective.

Fig-thermal monitoring with facial recognition

5)Lockdown Monitoring and surveillance

To avoid the social interaction whole the country is going through the situation of lockdown .To monitor this activity whole the responsibility is provided to Nepal police but people are breaking this rule in the absence of police so we can use surveillance drone to monitor these activity.

fig- Nepal police monitoring with surveillance drone


With the assumption that money may also carry virus so all the individuals are requested to use e banking or cash free system. The another advantage of this is you can homely transfer all your bill through the digital payment gateway so it also avoid social interaction.

Fig- mobile banking

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